• Moving Mac Cocoa to SwiftUI?

    Is there a tutorial for converting a Macintosh Objective-C Cocoa app to SwiftUI?
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    created by turtlesoft
  • How to detect safari app extension first time install event?

    Is there any event to detect the first time installation of safari app extension and extension add/remove event?   Also, Will Userdefaults will be cleared if safari app extension disabled?
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    last modified by manimaranfrommadurai
  • Where can I find Apple Product Images for Sketch?

    Apple used to provide Product Images (mockups) for iPhone, iPad, etc that could be edited with Sketch.   It seems they are only delivering them for Photoshop now?
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    last modified by diabolho
  • IBOutlets always nil in NSSavePanel Accessory view

    I am using XCode 11.2. I created an NSViewContoller with a loaded nib file and added the view to NSSavePanel. The view displays and the NSTextfields in the view are there but they never connect to the view controller....
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    created by tjd
  • launchd integration with NWListener(Network.framework)

    How do we pass launchd socket to NWListener or there is other ways to integrate ? If CFSocket to be deprecated, what are the alternatives for launchd daemons ?
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    last modified by ElenaS
  • Music playing stopped in the background mode?

    Hi,   I have developed a Music app that is intended to play music in the background also. For this, I enabled the audio play option from background modes from capabilities. I have bundled two audio files to play ...
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    last modified by venkatrao
  • RingTone in CallKit iOS 13 not work

    In iOS12 and older, it was possible to copy ringtones from “/ Library / Ringtones” to this path “/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/.../Library/Sounds/” The following was enough to set th...
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    last modified by marek.labuzik
  • Navigationlink not working well

    My app is an master-detail map, all seems to be working ok but when I enter to the detail view, I go back to the master view, and then I try to go again to the same detail view. The second time the cell stay in a gray...
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    last modified by abanet
  • Project won't build when signing enabled

    I'm a new member to the paid program and in Xcode 11's preferences I have my Apple ID, my team (just me), and have four Certificates set up. 1) Apple Developement Certificate named My iMac with my Apple ID as creator,...
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    last modified by Adobe Wan Kenobe
  • Notarization error for "Growl.framework" and "libchilkatCocoa.a"

    Hi, I am a software developer at https://www.continuum.net/ now https://www.connectwise.com/. We have a macOS package that was built 7-8 years back by some other organization. Now when I try to notarize this app by s...
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    last modified by nilesh.chate
  • How to Read healthkit data and send to server when app is in background in below iOS 13 version

      if #available(iOS 10.0, *) {             let center =  UNUserNotificationCenter.current()           ...
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    created by Renjish
  • Obtaining Crash Reports

    I have an app in the App store. A user has told me that she submitted a crash report but the Crashes tab in Xcode is empty. As a paid developer, how do I access this crash data?
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    created by johanmattsson
  • The updated Apple Developer Program License Agreement needs to be reviewed.

    The updated Apple Developer Program License Agreement needs to be reviewed. In order to update your existing apps and submit new apps to the App Store, the user with the Legal role (Team Agent) must review and accept...
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    last modified by nchintala
  • Sign in with Apple setup without Web Domain for Android

    I want to implement Sign in with Apple in my Unity app. The goal is not just to have it running on iOS, but also on Android and in the Unity editor using the REST API. Apple has a very breif article suggesting that is...
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    created by Phedg1
  • couldn't dismiss the swipe down gesture in AVPlayerViewController , any ideas how to do it ?

    i have tried dismissing the swipe down gesture in AVPlayerViewController that closes the controller, but no luck. i think am missing out somthing but couldnt figure it out. any help in this would be appreciated.  ...
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    last modified by kaviya
  • No suitable application records were found. Verify your bundle identifier 'com.vndx.toca' is correct.

    I'm getting this same error message while uploading the app on store. I've double check the bundle Id of my application, verify the profiles and certificates and also cross check the unique bundle id is used in develo...
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    last modified by DevManek407
  • Xcode, Pods ProjectName.debug.xcconfig unable to open file. Wrong directory

    When I build project, I see build error: ProjectName.debug.xcconfig unable to open file. I couldn't understand my problem for a long time, but today I take attention, what directory is wrong: full error: projectName/P...
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    last modified by pragmus
  • AppleScript / Swift / System Events

    Good evening,   I have been scouring the forums (and others) for a few days, and can't quite seem to find a definitive answer to this, so wanted to message and check for my specific instance.   I have crea...
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    last modified by Smotyn
  • Inconsistent MKOverlayRenderer behavior in iOS 13

    I have been seeing a lot of undesirable behavior with MKOverlayRenderer in iOS 13, including double calls to canDrawMapRect and inconsistent mapRect sizes going between setNeedsDisplayInMapRect, canDrawMapRect, and dr...
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    last modified by s219
  • From iOS 13.2, adding an new overlay will refresh all existing overlays

    It was working well before 13.2.   From iOS 13.2, adding any kind of overlay (e.g. MKTileOverlay, MKPolyline) will cause all exisitng overlays on the map refreshed, flickering.
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    last modified by shanminxu