• MapKit JS - previously working token invalid

    I set up a second MapKit JS ID and key last night, and now my existing application is throwing "initialization failed because the authorization token is invalid."   The token has not changed (it is a long-lived,...
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  • PencilKit PKCanvasView tiling?

    Forgive me if this is the wrong place for this question, I don't see PencilKit anyhere on the forum listings and I don't really see anything that it approximates either. Since I'm hoping to use it along with MapKit, I...
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  • Continuous location in background or after suspension

    I am writing an iOS app that requires continuous location updates while being in the background. I am using CLLocationManager and here is what I am doing:   1) Requesting always authorization 2) Enabling backgr...
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  • mapView pin color

    Hi, I'm trying to change the pin color of my mapView, is it possible? This is my code for now import SwiftUI import MapKit struct MapView: UIViewRepresentable {     func makeUIView(context: Context) ...
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  • Inconsistent MKOverlayRenderer behavior in iOS 13

    I have been seeing a lot of undesirable behavior with MKOverlayRenderer in iOS 13, including double calls to canDrawMapRect and inconsistent mapRect sizes going between setNeedsDisplayInMapRect, canDrawMapRect, and dr...
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  • From iOS 13.2, adding an new overlay will refresh all existing overlays

    It was working well before 13.2.   From iOS 13.2, adding any kind of overlay (e.g. MKTileOverlay, MKPolyline) will cause all exisitng overlays on the map refreshed, flickering.
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  • Annotations are hidden when zooming out

    Also on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57630483/annotations-are-hidden-when-zooming-out   When zooming out and property showsUserLocation is set to true and the annotation are centered around the users loca...
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  • Xcode 11.2 location app build, that don't resume my location app after swiping kill my location app..

    my device ios 13.2.2 xcode 11.2   build my location app in my device. success!   but i kill my location app by swipe, and then i resume my location app in my device, after all my location do not appear f...
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  • iOS Location Server running duplicate

    Hi there,   We have found a issue about the CLLocationManager. The senario is like following:   We have put a log to the CLLocationManagerDelegate --> didUpdateLocations function for monitoring the loca...
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  • CLLocationManager stops reporting GPS locations

    Are they any known issues with GPS behaviour in 12.1.4 release?   Locations suddenly stop updating (when they didn't previously) with these conditions in place:   - App is in background (but has background...
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  • MKMapView crashes when clustering enabled.

    Hi everyone,   We are using Mapkit + Realm + WebSockets to make our app with live updates, but unfortunately when updating happens with clustering enabled it crashes from time to time. Does clustering support li...
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  • GeoServices crashed in iOS 13 beta

    All in iOS 13 since 20190603 to now(20190719) Most Device is iPhone X 52% 79% in Background, 21% in Foreground   crash log as this: 0 GeoServices <redacted> + 99364 1 GeoServices addr_obj::venue::Templat...
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  • MKOverlay images washed out in iOS 13

    Anyone having issues with raster images / transparency shown via MKOverlay in MapKit?   After updating to iOS 13, overlay images are now dramatically washed out. These are MBTiles files, loaded locally on the d...
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  • location error ne app

    my new app needs locazation permits cuz is a delivery app  to add a new adrees but it does not work the app open normaly and everthing is good but like i sayed when we need to creat a new acount to login  i ...
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  • locationManagerDidPauseLocationUpdates

    Helle there, I was having problem with background location services both testing on simulator and devices. locationManagerDidPauseLocationUpdates is never called as "Paused" is never logged out. locationManagerDidRes...
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  • Forcing calibration of CMMotionManager Device Motion

    Hi,   I have a Level app using CMMotionManager to obtain device orientation events. To make the application easier to use, I've added a feature to detect if the magnetic field requires calibration and instructio...
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    created by ignited
  • How to sign a JSON token for use with MapKit JS?

    This is a request for support regarding JSON token creation for MapKit JS.   Since my intent is not to create an app, but only to use MapKit JS, I only need a single JSON authorization token.  That should n...
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  • How to open maps App programmatically with multiple destination coordinates in swift?

    I want to open Apple Map Application using Swift(4.2), But i want to pass multiple destination coordinates instead of only one So i can start navigation for multiple destination. The solution available for Google Map ...
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  • The "altitude" property of CoreLocation include Geoid?

    I could not find a description about relationship between Geoid and altitude property in Apple's official document that shows its basis: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/corelocation/cllocation/1423820-altit...
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  • GPS Altitude - Ellipsoidal or Geoidal?

    Hello all,   I was wondering if anyone would be able to provide insight into whether or not the altitude returned by the CLLocation object is an Ellipsoidal height or a Geoidal height?   I know over in the...
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    created by cbisbee