• Apple App Site Association File Download Error

    We are trying to add universal link functionality to our app and currently trying to test this in one of our test environments.   We are currently seeing issues with the download of the file to the device but th...
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    created by bwalpoleuk
  • apple-app-site-association not updating for my app, next update time in swcutil_show is in past

    I am unable to get Universal Links opening in my app despite the fact that it is working for others.   I used sysdiagnose to retrieve swcutil_show.txt and it shows the next update time for the entry in my app to...
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    last modified by jwong
  • App Search API Validation Tool return 469

    Dear:                  I have push the  apple-app-site-association file in the  https://twww.lizihang.com , and I can visit the htt...
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    last modified by LandzTech
  • App Search API Validation Tool can not prase URL.

    The website(https://search.developer.apple.com/appsearch-validation-tool/) can not prase URL. It shows 'We are parsing a lot of webpages. Please wait a few seconds and try again.'
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    last modified by pantao
  • How do I create a Spotlight Importer target?

    How do I create a Spotlight Importer (MDImporter) target for mac OS in Xcode?   There appears to be no such target template available in xcode 9 to 11 (older versions don't run on my machine).
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    last modified by Schubert
  • Quick Look extension on iOS: How to swipe?

    Hi folks,   I'm currently developing Quick Look thumbnail and preview extensions for my custom file types on iOS. Works pretty well, although the 120 MB memory limit is sometimes a road block for huge / complex ...
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    last modified by MyMattes
  • Setup Icon (.icns) for a custom bundle via MDImporter

    Hi, I developed a plug-in software (basically an extension of another software, not a standalone application) which exports and imports custom bundles. I made an MDImporter in order to make the system recognize my fol...
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    last modified by Mattia94
  • NSMetadataQuery not working in Catalina

    Hi, I have been NSMetadataQuery to monitor the Documents folder of my app to pick up new files that were added. This stopped working in Catalina. Is this a documented issue or change in functionality? Is there any ne...
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    last modified by zulfishah
  • RESOLVED:  iOS Universal Link not working on second level subdomain

    I have capabilities in my app that contain multiple applinks: entries like so:     applinks:firstlevel.domain.com     applinks:second.level.domain.com Universal links on the first level ...
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    last modified by alex_frantic
  • quicklook extension on Catalina

    I'm migrating a qlgenerator that show syntax highlight of source files to the new api for quicklook extension on MacOS 10.15 catalina. My extension works for many files (.sh, pho, py, ...) but not for .xml or .plist ...
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    last modified by sbaldiss
  • How to properly use NSUserActivity - index and remove activities from Spotlight

    I am trying to wrap my head around `NSUserActivity`s and I am not entirely sure on how to use them properly. I want to add an activity as soon as the user starts one and save it to Spotlight Search so the user can con...
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    last modified by LeoProgramming
  • Uber and Waze deep link not working on iOS 13

    I work with multple PDF files that have buttons linked with Uber and Waze deep link. This is how this used to work: the user receives the PDF and clicks the button he wants and than the app opens. This always worked a...
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    last modified by lufizi
  • AASA

    I have hosted my AASA file in https://fast-prog.co/apple-app-site-association in signed format as per documentation. I still can not see open in app button when open a link like https://fast-prog.co/swap/82  or ...
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    last modified by sanoop
  • How to enable Spotlight search for emails in macOS Catalina?

    Spotlight search for emails neither works with MDQueryRef nor with mdfind in the Terminal.app even if the user has granted full disc access for the app in the security settings. The application logic of our app works ...
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    last modified by iQser_Developer
  • How to get Thumbnail image for a Document?

    Hi,    How to get Thumbnail image for a Document stored localy in my phone? code please.
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    last modified by mksmurali
  • SpringBoard crash when accessing Spotlight

    I'm embarrassed to ask this because I feel like I am just missing something super simple.   In our app we keep a search history of destinations that the user searches for. I wanted to make these available to Spo...
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    last modified by donnywdavis
  • [Spotlight] deleteAllSearchableItemsWithCompletionHandler is not working If identifier isn't in English.

    Sample Code - (void)spotlightTest {       self.dummyList = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];     for (NSInteger i = 0; i < 10; i++) {         [s...
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    last modified by Den Jo
  • Which key should we use in Associated Domains - applinks or webcredentials ?

    I'm adding Universal Link support to a new app.   I have done this before on 2 other apps in the past, and in those cases, the associated domains were entered in the project Capabilities tab (in XCode) like this...
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    last modified by JBAtIWS
  • Search Core Spotlight for Apple Notes and other application content

    An increasing number of Apple and third-party applications useCoreSpotlight to index data. This powers both in-app searches as well as the Spotlight menu item.   I am looking for a way to search all application ...
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    last modified by houdah
  • App Search API Validation Tool SSL Certificate Expired

    https://search.developer.apple.com/appsearch-validation-tool/   I'm having issues loading the above validation tool as it says the SSL certificate expired August 10
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    last modified by jonathangreenwood