• How to place an SCNNode directly in top of another SCNNode?

    Hey!   I am trying to make an app which just places an SCNNode directly in top of another SCNNode. The issue is that the position of the initial SCNNode is not fixed. I tried doing this:   SCNVector3(node.p...
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  • Xcode not responding

    My xcode keep loading after updating to Version 9.3 (9E145) I can work for 3o minutes, I have to force quit it each time it stops responding
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  • Screensaver Options Button Not Working

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this question, so apologies if this belongs somewhere else, just let me know.   I am trying to add a configuration sheet to a screensaver I have developed in XCode 1...
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  • App Rejected for Guideline 4.2.2 - Design - Minimum Functionality

    Hi There   I have developed an app for my company website which basically promotes there marketing by showing their content and their pricing packages to their clients. I have also added some functionality like...
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  • Disabling parent window context menu items while presenting a sheet

    When a window is presenting a modal sheet, the parent window still responds to `rightMouseDown` events and shows the context menu (if one exists) for the view in the parent window that was clicked. Setting aside the f...
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    created by mleroy
  • Switching from Enterprise to Regular developer account

    I've looked all over and I can't seem to find a concrete answer, so I'm hoping someone can help me here.  We have a client that is looking to swtich from an Enterprise distribution to the app store.  How do ...
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  • MSMessageTemplateLayout image not shown in transcript

    I am having an issue with the MSMessageTemplayLayout not showing up in the transcript when received(iPad or iPhone Xr).  The sending device shows the image in the transcript.  Further more, if I exit out of ...
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  • SiriKit - RequestAuthorization

    Hello Team,   Am using the ios 12 Device and using Intents and Intents UI Framework to implement Siri shortcuts. I was following the SiriKit Documentation and as a first step am requesting user for app to access...
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  • In-App purchases testing

    i am trying to test auto renew subscription in-app purchases, as we all knew that there is a major bug in sandbox environment. However i found out that i can test the auto renew by create a new testing account and sub...
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  • Swift run time exception like NSSetUncaughtExceptionHandler

    Hi Team, Would like to handle swift run time errors like EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION with common exception handler like NSSetUncaughtExceptionHandler. Could not find any such interface to register for generic exceptions. &#...
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  • Trouble getting good bluetooth audio behavior

    We are trying to get good bluetooth behavior for our app but there are a whole slew of problems.   There are 2 issues that I don't understand how to resolve,   1. I don't receive notifications from AVAudio...
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  • IAP require multiple rounds of purchasing to fully unlock and function.

    I have an issue where I have two IAP that both require me to go through multiple rounds of the purchasing process to unlock the content and have the IAP buttons disappear. The first IAP is to remove ads, while the sec...
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  • WatchOS 5.2Beta

    Anyone tried to install the new beta posted Jan 24, WatchOS 5.2 beta 1?  Trying to install the profile on my Series 4 watch from Iphone.  It restarts the phone rather than the watch and does not install on t...
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  • App Units per Source Type has been broken since March 8

    Something happened on March 8th that has caused attribution of App Units in App Analytics to be completely bass ackwards.   If you view App Units and split them by Source Type, you will see what I mean.   ...
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  • Which framework would I use to create audio of the notes of a piano?

    I'm trying to figure out which Apple framework to use to create sounds of a piano notes. Would that be Core Audio, and Core Audio only?   I would need to be able to play multiple notes at once.   I'm looki...
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  • AVAudioEngine: mainMixerNode vs. outputNode?

    Hi,   I have an app that uses AVAudioEngine and connects an AVAudioPlayer node to the engine's outputNode. The app works and the audio plays fine.   Wanting to do something more complex, I decided to use t...
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  • Start Siri thanks to a BLE HID (GATT) device

    Hi   We are starting to build our own BLE device. We intend to send some simple commands to any smartphone through BLE like: Next music. Previous music. Play/Pause music. Start the smartpone voice assistant ...
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  • Test flight  s77065@icloud.com

    Test flight s77065@icloud.com
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  • Test flight  s77065@icloud.com

    Test flight
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  • Xcode 10: iPhone has denied the launch request.

    Hi,   After i updated my Mac Mini to the OS X Mojave the Xcode 10 stop to launch my apps with the message: "iPhone has denied the launch request." What is happened with the Xcode? I tried to regenerate my cert...
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