• Bluetooth connection

    Hello Supporter, I'm struggeling to pair/reconnect my ESP32 automatical - like a bluetooth headset - with IOS and get back a stable unique identifier.   - is this in general possible to perform? - what is the ...
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    created by franzel61
  • iOS 12 beta 6 - BMW bluetooth handsfree not working.

    Just upgraded to iOS12 beta 6 on my iPgone 6s and the phone will no longer connect to the bluetooth handsfree in my 2007 BMW E92. I've rebooted the phone, reset the network settings, used the car's bluettoth settings ...
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    last modified by SteveIves
  • Cannot restore my MacBook

    I have my MacBook Air upgraded to macOS mojave. Recently, I reinstalled the Mac hard disk with the backup in my external hard disk. Everything was fine. When I come home, the reinstallation was completed. But in the l...
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    created by Little Ant
  • Can you extract the .ipa of an app currently in my iPhone?

    Apple App Store has banned gambling simulation apps. The App is in my phone. Is it possible to extract it's .ipa. The one installed via TestFlight is twice as big as the one I uploaded to the App Store using Applicati...
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    last modified by BarryWhite123
  • close app with button

    Hello everybody   I cannot find a way to close the app with a button   I believe this is very easy to do, but due to my lack of experience with xcode and swift, I am not sure of how to do this   tha...
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    last modified by LordTerminal
  • iOS 12 Portrait Matte - is multiple people supported?

    In WWDC 2018 session 503, the new Portrait Matte feature is discussed. In the first few minutes of the session, it is mentioned that both TrueDepth and DualCamera devices are supported, and it is stipulated that "peop...
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    created by xaphod
  • Huge discrepency between Sales reports and eventual payment

    Hi   Hoping someone here can help explain what's happening here and/or point me in the direction of an Apple rep to sort out...   In Summary Received my first months financial payment  for June 2018 ...
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    last modified by ajdeacon
  • Changing UIKeyboardAppearance

    Hello, I'm showing a keyboard in my textview and would like to change the appearance of the keyboard after its been displayed.   textView.keyboardAppearance = colorTheme == .classic ? .default : .dark  But...
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    last modified by Phantom59
  • Mojave beta 6 breaks Applescripts

    Since updating to beta 6 a numebr of Applescripts fail. Error message is 'Not authorised to send Apple events to Microsoft Outlook. (-1743)' - helpfu;ly error -1743 is not lsited in teh Applescript documentation. Ca...
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    last modified by JMaynard
  • Hunting sleep bug: how to switch to hibernate mode?

    Since 10.13.4 and also with 10.13.5 I found a complex bug related to: power management, different levels of sleeping modes. Upon exiting from different sleep states, MacOS X is either in a totally unresponsive stat...
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    last modified by dazuelos
  • Vision/CoreML for Green Screen effect in iOS12

    In the WWDC18 Platform State of the Union session, there was a cool example where a photo of a woman in front of one background was cut out, and placed onto a different background, using Vision/CoreML.   I want ...
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    last modified by xaphod
  • Photos app sync not available in iTunes (Mojave)

    Hi,   I can't sync my Photos app library anymore.   From last iOS & Mac OS Betas, I didn't have any problem till one time.  So I logged out then logged in again, it worked back.   But few da...
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    last modified by kezeke
  • WatchOS 5 beta 7 keeps restarting Watch

    After installing beta 7 and the watch completed the process, I put it on my wrist and had these repeated restarts. It finally settled but it crashed and restarted at least 5 times after installing this latest beta. (...
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    last modified by Raz
  • Purchases, physical goods or virtual?

    Hi everybody,   I have a question regarding In-app purchases. We have developed an educational app that allows students to view videos within the app by signing up for a fee, and the teacher conducts phone-guid...
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    created by zhangxinyong
  • setTitle for Buttons not uses complete number.

    I want to set the title for a button with a double number. The problem is that the function always cuts a zero, if the last number is a 0.   var number1: Double = 3.99 var number2: Double = 4.30 button.setTitle...
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    last modified by Batdoctor
  • update keychain item and get errSecDuplicateItem

    Hi there,   I have a problem when I trying to update the password/email in the keychain.   I check for if the keychain item exists first and then if exist I update the item. Then the status code giving b...
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    created by chuanqi2018
  • reuse in-app purchase product ID in another app

    I have existing apps with in-app purchases on appStore already, but I'd like to replace them with one app containing all the features of those apps, and I was wondering if I could use the same product IDs for users wh...
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    created by takfromtoronto
  • macOS10.14b7: Disappearing shared/static NSToolbar buttons (radar #43246076)

    Note, created radar #43246076.   We are experiencing disappearing NSToolbar buttons in our application. I created a sample test app to help reproduce (included screenshot, executable, and project).   Steps...
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    created by ChristianComeau
  • Use unity "seconds" in Swift

    Hi,   I have one question how to use the unity "seconds" in a Swift Playground. I coded a countdown and want to make it as an countdown for 30 seconds. The source code is quiet easy:   var countdown = 30 ...
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    last modified by garrett35
  • How Xcode decides which build phase to add a file into?

    When you add a new file to a target, Xcode somehow decides whether to add the thing to “Compile Sources” or to “Copy Bundle Resources” build phase.   Anyone knows what this decision is ba...
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    created by OCS1