• How do I specify that a CNContactStore in a framework project request access from an App Group instead of from the framework's default container?

    I need to be able to access Contacts in a framework without requesting access to it from the framework, but requesting access to Contacts from within my app, so that by the time I access Contacts from my framework, re...
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  • How do I view the menu in the SoupChef sample using Siri or Search?

    How do I view the menu in the SoupChef sample using Siri or Search?
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  • NSString category issues

    Hello, I'm having some NSString category issues with alternate NSString types. Here is an example. I have a simple category as one can see here and In this case, I get a error "Terminating app due to uncaught excepti...
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    created by cheizer
  • Best place to programmatically add subviews to custom NSView

    Where's the best place to add new subviews to a custom NSView? Changes in certain properties by the user will cause new subviews to be added or old ones deleted. All will affect constraints, layout, as well as the siz...
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  • Where can I track my Mapkit JS usage limits?

    Is there any admin console where I can review usage graphs and track if I am about to reach my Free Mapkit JS limitations?
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  • Siri Shortcut permissions

    Hey,   I can't find it clearly stated anywhere but do I need to request siriKit permissions to use Siri Shortcuts (to donate and to have a custom intent)   Do I ever need to call?   [INPreferences re...
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  • Predictive Text Bug?

    When setting the content type for UITextFields I get really nice predictive suggestions for forms. However, all of these have a space at the end when they are touched. So in my function to check the legality of the ch...
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  • What happen????? ASCI character

    Hi! i can not use ASCII character on Xcode, If someone can help me i will be very gratefuly. I am using C++ language This is my code: #include <stdio.h>   int main(){     printf("Introduce...
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  • Unusually long "waiting for review" time?

    Has anyone else been experiencing unusually long app submission review times?   We submitted our app for review almost a week ago (6 days) and the status is still "waiting for review". It's never taken this long...
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  • Using the UUID, sometimes constant and sometimes not

    Hi there, I'm working on an app that uses the UUID to create a Machine ID that can be compared to a key to allow use of the app.  It was working great for a bit especially on the iPhone 7 I could uninstall and r...
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  • How to get movement speed of iPhone

    I was wondering how to keep track of movement speed of an iPhone (in mph if possible)   Thanks.
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  • Mac app won't launch on 10.7 due to entitlements

    I am developing a non-appstore Developer ID app and have found I am unable to launch it on 10.7. It launches just fine on 10.6 & 10.14 but I can see the following error in system.log with 10.7:   Oct 18 10:44...
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  • BLE peripheral device disconnection with status 759

    I'm working on an application that processes continuous data from a BLE device. I've been noticing occasional unexpected device disconnections, and when I look at the device console logs at the time of disconnection I...
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    created by ibel5
  • How to resolve missing QuickLook preview in Mojave?

    We are currently migrating our app to Mojave. As a productivity utility for information retrieval, if needs access to content in the user's Library dierectory.   Even if a user has security scoped bookkark for t...
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  • QoS DSCP value not set

    My sandboxed Mac VoIP application is trying to set a QoS DiffServ DSCP value to mark RTP traffic transmitting voice. It is doing that via a third-party open source library. Specifically, the setsockopt() function is c...
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    created by eofster
  • Testing macOS CloudKit App in Xcode

    I am having a problem testing a macOS CloudKit app.   When I archive and export the app, it runs as expected against CloudKit with no errors.  But when I try to run the app from Xcode it gets authentication...
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  • getting data from mysql with php

    So I want to get data from MySql I'm using PHP   <?php // Create connection $con=mysqli_connect("cantshowthis","hehe","sorry",":c"); // Check connection if (mysqli_connect_errno()) {   echo "Failed to c...
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  • iOS App Store allows users to attempt download of my iPad app to their iPhone and then fails with a "device not compatible" error

    I've produced a Link Maker URL for my iPad iOS app on my web page at http://www.fatdog.com/abcJump/. When users access the link via their iPhone, the App Store entry for my app shows up and seemingly allows the user t...
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  • Voip Push notifications missed delay

    Hi all,   In our application we Use VoIP Type push notifications to give a heads-up for the mobile phone.   This allows the mobile phone to:   1) If the application is killed, start it in background 2) ...
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  • How do I create an framework to be used with my app?

    When I use a shared private framwork of my own to house background code to be used by an app extension, would I have to create and compile the framework before referencing it in my app project, would I add a project f...
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    last modified by ShinehahGnolaum