• XCode 11 beta 5 Storyboard distorted images in UIStackView

    I made a sample project to show difference in Storyboard rendering of UIStackView in XCode 11 beta vs XCode 10.3. Attached are screenshots for both the versions of project. Can someone tell me whats going on in XCode ...
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  • Airdrop shortcut

    I want to create an Airdrop shortcut when I forceTouch an app icon. Is this possible? I made a business card app and i want to send out the card (image file) using Airdrop right from the app icon shortcut using 3DTouc...
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  • Xcode 11 beta 5: tvOS Tab Bar not showing?

    First I must say it seems Apple has changed the default behaviour of tvOS Tab Bars in tvOS 13. Before they used to disappear scrolling down, now they are fixed on top. This is described in UITabBarController:   ...
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    created by Jecht Sin
  • Is the way of loading data from Firebase into a static table view different than a dynamic table view?

    Kind of an odd question but I've been making a quiz app and am storing the quiz data in Firebase Firestore. I can not seem to figure out how to load the quiz data into my static table view. The quiz question table vie...
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  • UITextView with dynamic width

    In my storyboard I have a UITextView pinned to the top and bottom safe areas of its view, and with a constraint that centres it. The various text files it will be displaying have lines of different lengths (e.g. some ...
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    created by Albinus
  • Xcode 11 PKCanvasView

    Hello,   with Xcode 11 the Pencil Kit is introduced. I am able to import the Pencil Kit in the View Controller but I can not chose a PKCanvas View from Storyboard (the Plus Button feature does not show up such a...
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    created by ToAlt
  • How to make window not show up

    Hello all, I am trying to build an app that sits up in the menu bar. Unforunately, I can't get the main window to not show up when I run the app. I made the dock icon go away by editing it in info.plist, but when I t...
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  • Unable to use cmd+drag to make storyboard segues with custom UIControl.

    Hi guys, I cannot get a custom UIControl to allow me to use command+drag to create a segue in the storyboard. I know they can be done programatically but I need to do them in the storyboard per requirements and was ...
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  • Custom menu actions

    I've added a custom menu "Statistics" to my app menu. I know the actions for its items can be placed in the AppDelegate file. But if possible I'd like to put these actions in a separate file, to simplify things. Can I...
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  • Storyboard loads forever with "An internal error has occurred editing functionality may be limited"

    Having this issue since beta 3 came out and hoped that beta 4 will fix this, but it didn't. Every time I'm opening Main.storyboard in xCode, I'm getting the death wheel (colorful endless spinning wheel) with the erro...
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  • Add number formatter to field

    How do I add a number formatter to a field? I know I can use the text field with number formatter already attached... and I can option drag a copy from another field with it applied. xcode 9.2
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  • Outlets and Actions dont show up in IB

    Hi guys, I'm having a headache with this bug.   I installed Mac OS Catalina beta 4 and Xcode 11 beta 4. The problem is that when I create a new UIViewController with xib enabled, Actions and Outlets don't show u...
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  • Command CompileXIB failed with a nonzero exit code

    I have the problem when building ios app using Xcode. That was going well before while building the project. Idk why it appears something weird on the error message. There is nothing wrong with my code actually. The ...
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  • 9.7 iPad only image not resizing for larger iPads

    My App is for the iPad only and in portrait orientation. I developed it years ago for the 9.7 iPad. It looks OK on a 9.7 but seems to be anchored to the upper left in any larger sized iPad but sized for a 9.7 iPad so ...
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    last modified by cryder
  • Collection View not showing up

    I'm currently making a tabbed app, and im having some troubles getting some things to show up during the test runs. How do you get the collection view that was made in a storyboard to show up when running the test on ...
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    last modified by Meiscollinj
  • Using framework with storyboard

    I have created an universal framework for iOS, which contains some public UIView subclasses (all in swift). Lets call it MyFramework and the view MyView. Now when I import it to new project and I would like to use it ...
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    created by DDudycz
  • LaunchImage doesn't support of the 11-inch iPad Pro

    I use Launch Images Source to set up Launch Image, but there is no support for 11-inch iPad Pro in "Assets. xcassets - > Launch Image" Unlike other 1.333, 11-inch iPad Pro has a screen ratio of 1.43165... Please ad...
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  • Error opening any xib or storyboard file

    Hello,   Each time I open a xib or storyboard file, the interface builder shows an error and I cannot see much nor edit.   Someone experienced a similar issue and can provide some help.   To Apple : ...
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    last modified by oliviers
  • Interface Builder outlet nil

    After I have created an outlet to a control with Interface Builder, the control has a nil value.  Anyone else have a problem with this?  What is the cause?  What is the fix?
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    last modified by ShinehahGnolaum
  • Changes not showing at runtime

    I am a beginner and I´m following a course. They use a project where the labels an so on where already set. I wanted to make some changes but when I run the app they doesn't show.
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    last modified by net777