• Can you change constraints in the code, which were originally set in interface builder?

    I am playing around to learn interface builder constraints.   My current project has a lot of subviews and constraints set, however, for the sake of asking my qustion, I reduced the scope down to the basics ...
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  • Xcode 11 Add "Equal Width to Superview" Constraint?

    When I drag to make a constraint from a view to its superview in Interface builder, I no longer see the "Equal widths" in the list of constraints to choose.   If I click the little "Add New Constraint" button, I...
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  • Navigation Controller PushViewController no longer calls ViewDidAppear/will

    Hello,   Switching from iOS 12 to 13 caused that our views no longer function correctly. This is due that when NavigationController.PushViewController is called, it no longer calls ViewWill/DidAppear and their o...
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  • How to maintain the same margins in table view cells on different devices?

    I am trying to develop an information based app with auto layout. Most of the pages are UITableViews, built in IB with static cells containing a simple text field. I would like the width of the text fields to automati...
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  • xib localization

    Hi, I've localized iOS projects successfuly in XCode, but this is an older 2011 (pre storyboard) project I'm trying to add Japanese to.  The NSLocalizedString part has all worked fine & displays correctly in...
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  • Why does macOS Catalina display a decimal point in the Xcode Constraints value?

    Link to image: https://gyazo.com/8ecec9816e9a262e54c7215feed06a76 This image is a screen shot of Add New Constraints on macOS Catalina + Xcode10.3. (Same for Xcode11.1)   In macOS Mojave, it is displayed as an ...
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  • TabView in SwiftUI

    I'm using SwiftUI. I want a child view that comes from a tab page to use all the screen, that is to say, to temperarily cover the entire tab bar. How should I do this? What code do I need?   By the way, when I u...
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    created by rebeccakk
  • Problem With the LaunchScreen

    After Replacing with the LaunchScreen in place of LaunchImage my application text and all got reduced. Why is it so?
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  • XCode preview error

    Hello! Last night i spend many time to try fix error in XCode layout preview after source code change. But if I change layout using inspector it works fine then I change my code and it breaks with the error below. I ...
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  • xcode 11.0 no support for nsPopupButtons

    Just launched xcode 1Version 11.0 (11A420a) and built and ran my app.  The popup buttons show up as just the title,  no box around it and no icon on the right to indicate a dropdown.  The popup still wo...
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  • Body font dynamic sizing ignored in cell labels

    For all my apps that use table view cells, I set up the textLabel and detailTextLabel in the storyboard editor to have a font of 'Body'.  And, as my minimum OS is iOS 11, I also check the 'Automatically Ajusts Fo...
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  • How do you use IBSegueAction with navigation controller?

    I've been trying to incorporate the new segue action functionality to communicate data between two view controllers. Unfortunately, the destination view controller is wrapped in a UINavigationController, which means t...
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  • Wrong assistant editor

    Hello everybody This is my first post because I'm new to work with xcode. Now I have a problem. On the "Main.storyboard" I designed the first and second page. When I open the assistant editor on the first screen, it ...
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  • autolayout constraints

    When I add a constraint on a control, it conflicts with the one autolayout set for the control, but when I try to fix it in the Document Outline pane, I am not allowed to delete the one autolayout set, but I am allowe...
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  • NSBox Custom Error Interface Builder

    I added a custom NSBox from the list of UI elements in interface builder to a window in a .xib. If the pop-up menu for custom is selected I can select the margins, frame color and width, etc. But when I run the progra...
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  • Command CompileXIB failed with a nonzero exit code

    I have the problem when building ios app using Xcode. That was going well before while building the project. Idk why it appears something weird on the error message. There is nothing wrong with my code actually. The ...
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  • Xcode 11 Static Table Views in storyboard are not replacing textLabel with localized text

    This issue has occurred in Xcode 11 and we didn't find it until users reported it. It seems that if you have a Static Table View that is grouped, the textLabel.text is not being replaced with the localized text. This ...
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  • iOS 13 broke my SplitViewController

    I have had a published universal app for many years that has worked fine.  Now since the iOS13 update it simply starts to a solid white screen.  The only exception is if I run it on an iPad and change orient...
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    created by kPas42
  • XCode 11 layout constraints warnings .xibs Mac OS

    Since I switched to XCode 11 I get a a huge list of warnings: views without any layout constraints may clip their content or overlap other views. These are in non-resizeable panels or windows that don't use autosizing...
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  • Xcode 11 PKCanvasView

    Hello,   with Xcode 11 the Pencil Kit is introduced. I am able to import the Pencil Kit in the View Controller but I can not chose a PKCanvas View from Storyboard (the Plus Button feature does not show up such a...
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