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        Apple arbitrarily deletes the newly created developer account, there is no complaint, what should we do?


        Not long ago, a new developer account was created for $99; then a new project was created; the project code was written by myself, and was rejected several times during the period. The last time the App Store review member called me to confirm whether my problem was solved. I said that the previous problem has been solved, and then told me to wait for the result; I waited for about 4 days, that is, December 20th, 12:09; sent me the rejected information of the account mark deletion;




        Upon further review of the activity associated with your Apple Developer Program membership, we have determined that your membership, or a membership associated with your account, has been used for dishonest or fraudulent activity. Therefore, your Apple Developer Program account has been flagged for removal.


        If you would like to appeal this termination to the App Review Board, you must do so within 14 calendar days. Otherwise, your Apple Developer Program membership will be terminated and all apps associated with your account will be removed from the App Store.


        We are terminating your account, as your app is in direct violation of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement, which states:


        "You will not, directly or indirectly, commit any act intended to interfere with the Apple Software or Services, the intent of this Agreement, or Apple’s business practices including, but not limited to, taking actions that may hinder the performance or intended use of the App Store, Custom App Distribution, or the Program (e.g., submitting fraudulent reviews of Your own Application or any third party application, choosing a name for Your Application that is substantially similar to the name of a third party application in order to create consumer confusion, or squatting on application names to prevent legitimate third party use).”


        During our review, we found a pattern of manipulative or misleading behavior that violates the Apple Developer Program License Agreement. These behaviors can include, but are not limited to, inaccurate metadata describing your app or service, misleading app content, engaging in inauthentic ratings and reviews manipulation, providing misleading customer support responses, providing misleading responses in Resolution Center, engaging in misleading purchasing or bait and switch schemes, and other dishonest or fraudulent activity within or outside of the app.


        We do not disclose the specific findings of our investigations into Apple Developer Program membership accounts, and we have no additional information to share with you at this time. You can appeal this decision with the App Review Board at any time over the next 14 calendar days.


        Best regards,


        App Store Review


        I feel very weak about such robbery; for a developer, the code written for half a year is finally unable to go online, and I get a notice of deleting the number. My heart is really painful; it seems like a sharp knife inserted into my Heart; for no reason to say, delete the number to delete the number; what protection is there for developers? The hard-working APP has been removed from the night and is removed. The complaints often don’t come up with any results. Most of the responses are just replies from the robot; after 14 days, your account will lose developer qualification; even You cannot submit to become a developer qualification again within one year! Apple, are you forcing our personal developers to leave you? Even if we want to delete our qualifications, you can clearly say it; we can not go to your platform to develop; if Apple staff can see the content I sent, please exalt your hands, do not delete my post; my account 14 Days will be automatically deleted by your background; thank you!