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        I'm getting odd results when trying to add our Enterprise team to the list of Developer Teams in the XCode service in OS X Server 5.0.4 on El Capitan.


        I have admin privs in the team and I have my local signing cert installed on the server host. When I go to add it through the Server, I see the hostname and the id for it show up in the 'Servers' section of the portal.

        However, I'm getting back the following message each time.

        I got our Agent to login and neither of us say any place in the Portal to do this. Is this an out-of-band request we need to file with Apple to enable?

        As a side effect, integrations are failing saying it can't find a proper cert to sign with (even though its installed!) I feel that these two issues are somehow interrelated.


        Is this worth of a radar or support call? Or is this just beta stuff that I have to wade through?


        Any suggestions or thoughts are most appreciated