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        I have 2 iOS apps with which I tested iCloud Drive.

        With the frst one I didn't had any trouble.

        I'm able to use the iCloud Drive and files that I store in the ubiquituos container are transferred to the cloud

        and I can see the Apps folder and contents in Finder on my iMac.


        Now the strange thing is that with the 2nd app I get problems although I have setup everything exactly the same.

        The only difference that I can see is that during the initial run of App2 with iCloud entitlements enabled I had forgotten

        to add the




        in the info-plist file.


        I get the feeling that this screwed app the iCloud for this app and even if I now set this up correctly it refuses to work.


        Any one experiencing a similar issue?

        Or is there any way to reset the iCloud for an app completely and start over again?


        One more thing: when using brctl I can see that items are sent/retrieved from the iCloud and they are stored in the

        iCloud Drive folder on my Mac. But they are not visible in Finder.