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        I have two different Macs (15" Retina MBP Mid-2012, 27" 5K iMac Late 2014) that I would like to sync my Desktop & Documents Folders using the iCloud Drive features in macOS Sierra. By just turning on this feature for both Macs, it has created duplicates. The MBP, which was synced first, appears to have populated the Documents folder in iCloud correctly. The iMac, which was synced second, created a folder within the Documents folder on iCloud entitled "Documents - iMac."


        • My understanding of this feature was that it would just use the iCloud Documents folder (or iCloud Desktop folder) as the source for the Documents/Desktop folders on each Mac, not create subfolders within each. Is this correct?
        • Am I safe to clear out these duplicates, or will iCloud rectify itself at some point?
        • If I delete the "Documents - iMac" subfolder in iCloud Drive and just use the Documents folder within iCloud Drive, will it function the way I described in the first bullet point?