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        I've tried installing one of the first betas on a 2011 Macbook Air (2GB RAM) - it was entirely unusable, some OS processes aggressively used up all the RAM/CPU for iCloud & finding faces in photos and other very important things. Had to roll back to El Cap.


        Has this improved? Anyone got the GM installed on an older machine? Workable?



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          2GB might be a little small. I am running on a 4GB system.

          You might want to wait for the system to "settle down." as you noted, there are a number of very network and disk intense activities that happen in the background:

          - The usual Spotlight reindex of everything.

          - Photos updates its library and then pushes data to iCLoud, if enabled.

          - Desktop and Document on iCloud also take a while dependent on your setup.


          All of this will settle down in.a few hours (I have a 1TB disk on my 2011 Air with 4GB of RAM, but even after upgrade from Beta to GM Seed it has been churning since yesterday.) Eventually it returned to its zippy state before, so I am not worried. Jsut realized I might disable sleep.


          The improved use of iCloud is the most important change in my mind - especially if you use more than one system.