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        Under iOS 9 the call [UIApplication canOpenURL:] will now result in the following message in the log:

        -canOpenURL: failed for URL: "imdb:" - error: "This app is not allowed to query for scheme imdb"


        This seems to be a new "security" feature which prevents that Apps can scan for installed Apps with known custom URL schemes. But this makes it impossible to ckeck if a certain App is installed. So there's no longer possible to hide all the options to open certain information in the other Apps if these Apps are not installed. This results to a bad user experience, because either I have to provide an option to open data in external Aps, even if these are not available, or I have to remove these options entirely. Both is not really very user friendly.


        Is there a workaround for this? Is there a key for the Info.plist where I can request the permission for calling "canOpenURL" (similar to the key for the location services in order to be able to get geo locations)?