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        Hi Everyone,


        I've been trying desperately to renew my Apple Developer membership for weeks without success.


        Upon logging in, I receive the prompt below:


        Your Apple Developer Program membership has expired.

        Renew your membership to keep your access to program benefits and services. Once renewed, be sure to agree to your Paid Applications Agreement in the Agreements, Tax and Banking section of App Store Connect.


        After providing my information (identical to my enrollment information) and credit card details, I receive a notification and email stating my order has been received and will be processed within 48 hours. My credit card is not charged at any point (should it be charged immediately) and the prompt above still appears on my dashboard. I receive no communication after 48 hours and the prompt remains on the dashboard.


        I have tried:

        • Contacting my bank - no issues their side.
        • Multiple credit cards - same issue.
        • Contacting Apple Dev Support (3 weeks ago) - they haven't been able to provide a solution after multiple back-and-forths.


        I'm at a complete loss, and we desperately need to get back up and running so we can submit an app.


        Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I'd be happy to provide more information.