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        Today morning I realized that I didn't have any connection between my iPhone X running beta 13.2 Beta 3 and Watch 6.0.1 beta "#" (I forgot to check a number of beta and wipe the device, so I didn't know the exact number of beta).


        First of all, I wiped a Watch and try to Pair it again.

        Behavior was like:

          1. "Start pairing" screen
          2. "Scan QR" or Manual pairing screen
          3. "Updating your apple watch" screen with an option update now or skip and update.
          4. Any of the above redirecting me to a screen "Activating Apple Watch. This may take a few minutes" with a spinner. On a watch, I have a regular apple logo placeholder with a backside watch print.
          5. The next screen is "Unpairing Apple Watch" with a spinner.
          6. Last screen – regular Pairing screen (start over)

        I've tried:

        1. Pair it with iOS 12.4
        2. Pair it with the stable version of iOS
        3. Pair it with the last beta

        Every option has the same result described in "behavior".


        I also tried:

        1. Pair it with backward compatibility provided by @nadhun in this topic (https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/121166). Actually two weeks ago was the same problem, but this profile saved me. For now, it looks like it's unsupported.
        2. Chatted with Apple support and get nothing.
        3. I tried to install iOS 13 beta 5, and it's already unsupported.


        For now, I'm downloading iOS 13.2 beta 1 and 2 to try it out.

        Any thoughts? I will be much appreciated for any help!

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          facing same issue

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            Facing the same issue

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              Having the same issue.
              There was already mentioned "watchOS6Seed1-compat.mobileconfig" available, that is not valid anymore (
              I hope Apple will provide another one, that will definately help a lot of people.

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                Facing the same issue, I hope that we'll find soon a solution...

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                  Have you managed to get your watch paired? I am facing a similiar issue with an Apple Watch Series 4 running watchOS 6.1.1 (stable) with an iPhone SE 13.4.1 and 13.4.5 (beta). The behavior is exactly the one you are describing.


                  It is still possible to achieve the same settings that "watchOS6Seed1-compat.mobileconfig" is doing:


                  a) set back your phone date to a date prior to October 12, 2019 - this will install the profile.

                  There is one downside however: If you need to communicate via SSL to any server it will most likely fail due to invalid certificates. So assuming that profile would allow you to connect to your Watch, you'd probably have trouble actually activating or updating the Watch because the iPhone cannot communicate with any SSL servers.


                  b) use a j*ilbreak. I will not provide any files, just the way:


                  1. download "watchOS6Seed1-compat.mobileconfig" from known sources to your Mac.

                  2. set back date to October 10, 2019

                  3. AirDrop the file to your iPhone or upload it to an HTTP (not HTTPS) server and download it from your phone

                  4. Install the profile and reboot

                  5. j*ilbreak your device.

                  6. Install Cyd*a and OpenSSH.

                  7. connect to your iPhone via SFTP and go to /private/var/Managed Preferences/mobile/ and download file .GlobalPreferences.plist

                  8. check the contents of .GlobalPreferences.plist : it should contain EnableNRBTLMBackwardsCompatibility = 1; (this is the setting the profile is actually making to your iPhone)

                  9. set back date/time to today

                  10. notice that the profile gets deleted automatically and also the .GlobalPreferences.plist was modified again.

                  11. Now upload the previously saved .GlobalPreferences.plist including the setting back to your phone.

                  12. Restart (may or not be necessary - I don't know)


                  Now you should have the same effect as you'd have after having installed the profile only with the important difference that SSL communication is not broken, assuming that the setting in question still has effect in new iOS versions.


                  However in my case it didn't help - still cannot pair the Watch. But maybe somebody else will benefit from this.