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        Spotlight search for emails neither works with MDQueryRef nor with mdfind in the Terminal.app even if the user has granted full disc access for the app in the security settings. The application logic of our app works for High Sierra bot not for Catalina any more. Is this a bug or a feature? Hopefully it's not a feature. Other content like documents, calendar events and contacts can be retrieved by MDQueryRef.


        If I search with the default Spotlight interface (command-space), I can find emails. But even if I select "Show in Finder" in the result list, the Finder window is empty.


        Even with sudo mdfind, I can't find any email. I also can't add an email to the index with mdimport to the index, neither with the logged in user nor with sudo.


        Does someone has a solution? Hopefully we needn't index emails With Search Kit on our own in the future.