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        Just when I was setting up Catalina (Beta 19A501i) after an upgrade from Mojave, I mistakenly created a folder at the root on my system drive in Catalina. I populated the folder with some LightRoom libraries, before realising that I should/could not have these at the root of my system drive.


        I have copied them elsewhere, but now I need to get rid of that folder, and I can't...


        I tried disabling SIP, but still I can't delete the folder (I have enabled SIP again).


        What can I do?

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          sudo mount -u -o rw /


          Then remove the directory. I was able to create a directory in root, haven't tried removing one that way.


          I'd reboot after you're done (root will be remounted RO)

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            That also works to remove the bloatware (Chess, Home, News, Siri, Stocks, VoiceMemos) that keep this from being a decent workplace operating system.  This assumes you have booted into Recovery mode and disabled SIP.


            1. Restart the machine in normal operating mode.

            2. sudo mount -uw /

            3 cd /System/Applications

            4. sudo rm -rf Appname.app

            5. Voila! No bloatware

            6. Command-R to enter Recovery mode

            7. Re-enable SIP

            8. Restart to get rid of left over icon place holders

            9. Ask your people if the can do their normal work on the new beta.

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                I followed your steps and was able to delete preinstalled apps. Could you please tell me how to delete default wallpapers? They are located in Library folder, under "Desktop Pictures". I'd like to delete them becuase they take up about 2 GB space in Catalina. Thank you!

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                  This is along the lines of what I'm looking to do. In Mojave I turned off SIP, went in to the System Fonts folder and deleted the unnecessary fonts in there. Now that Catalina has the drive set as read only, struggling to figure out how to move those out of there again.


                  My first attempts were to start up off a USB Catalina Installer drive and use Terminal to cd to the folder. I got to where I could ls my HD from the bash prompt but a bit unexperience to then drill down into the System folder and then I guess I'd have to rm each font? Not even sure if that would work. There are 332 files in that folder. I only need 18. It was easy before because I could see and drag in the Finder.


                  Got to be an easier way.