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        Question: Any plans to be able to login to the Mac with a Managed Apple ID?



        Answer: Apple does not comment on future plans.





        Question: Will Apple ever offer more in-depth status information on https://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/ for the Apple Business Manager system?



        Answer: File a Radar to request the specific features you want.





        Question: Is there any movement with regards to fully automated, zero touch, Apple TV style DEP for macs? It's increasingly challenging to support labs and build farms where we need fully automated installs at scale.



        Answer: Not happening this year. We get the problem.





        Question: Activation for Macs? Can we prevent users from bypassing DEP on macOS via offline setup?



        Answer: Not happening this year. It's a tricky process to cover all deployment scenarios well.





        Question: How does T2 activation for macs work?



        Answer: Ask in Security lab.





        Question: Will we ever be able to manually add macOS devices into DEP similarly to how we can add iOS devices using Apple Configurator?





        Answer: Pre-T2, hard no. For T2 and later, file a Radar to request the features you want. If the Mac reseller is in a DEP-enabled country, work with your reseller to get their stuff straight.


        Question: In the Software Update preference pane, there are several checkbox options. What do they do?



          "Check for updates" How often does this happen?

          "Download new updates when available" How often does this happen? Is there a check for minimum bandwidth availability (like there is for iOS, where it only updates some updates when on WiFi)?

          "Install macOS updates" When/under what conditions does this happen?

          "Install app updates from the App Store" When/under what conditions does this happen?

          "Install system data files and security updates" When/under what conditions does this happen?



        Answer: Ask in Installer Lab.





        Question: Can there please be documentation on what gets cached by a caching server and what doesn't? (i.e. Internet Recovery, system updates, macOS Installer app resources, are there version requirements for the caching server system?)



        Answer: See the Friday Device Management session and file documentation Radars for anything not covered there.





        Question: What is Apple's reasoning for introducing significant changes in OS dot updates; why are these changes not reserved for full version OS upgrades?



        Answer: Apple is going to roll out security-focused updates as soon as they're ready, but otherwise Apple will try to give as much lead time and heads-up as is possible to provide.





        Question: What is the "member:UUID" certificate in the login keychain?



        Answer: Ask at the Security lab.


        Question: This support article https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201260 used to track macOS build versions, including hardware specific builds of macOS. Can Apple please provide a resource that tracks which build version and installer is required for which hardware? And which build versions correspond with which security update.



        Answer: There was a reason for this change, but I don't know it so I need to talk to some folks and get you a good answer. Talk with me later.