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        I successfully installed the 10.15 beta today and went to also grab Xcode11. Ambitious I know but I was enticed by the mousetrap that is SwiftUI.


        I cleared out some old files to make space for the new Xcode image to decompress. However none of that disk space actually showed up as free in the Disk Utility. Much to the contrary actually. After several rounds of this, I have now managed to literally fill my whole disk with LORD KNOWS WHAT!


        I suppose these are some sort of ghost/shadow images somewhere. I turned off "Optimize Mac Storage" On my iCloud settings. That didn't seem to fix anything.


        The problem simply progressed until my disk filled. Disk is now full so I suppose that will stop the progression. Lol.


        Note the install didn't fill the whole drive. I had about 10 gigs left at the end. But downloading the xcode zip brought me down to about 3 and then deleting files apparently brought me down to the megs. Now the only file space I have left to my name is on my icloud account.


        I know this issue has been reported before on multiple releases. I don't know of a solve that works. I've tried a few. If anyone has a hunch let me know. Thanks.