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        I already have an app on the app store, with IAPs like this:

        - Free to download - it watermarks images as a limitation

        - IAP "basic": one-time non-consumable feature-unlock package

        - IAP "event": one-time non-consumable feature-unlock package, contains all of "basic" + more

        - IAP "pro" subscription: auto-renewing yearly subscription that unlocks ALL functionality

        This setup hasn't changed in about a year...


        Because all of the features are free to try before purchase, most users buy the package that's best for them, and that's that.

        BUT, sometimes over time a user's business grows, and they want to upgrade from "event" to "pro".

        At the moment they have to pay for "pro" as if they'd never paid for "event" which *****.

        Is there some way to have the price of "pro" (yearly sub) depend on whether they have "event" or not?


        For example am I allowed to have another "pro" sub which is the same as the existing one, but is only offered in the app to those who have purchased "event", and has a lower price? (By "am I allowed" I mean will I get rejected or not)

        Or is there a better way?