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        Hi everybody,


        I don't seem to be able to get FileProviderValidation to work. I am talking about the app announced by Apple at this year's WWDC. I have done everything the Readme states needs to be done. Under iOS 11, FileProviderValidation just crashes, under iOS 12 Beta 1, it lists all the available File Provider Extensions -- uncluding ours -- but it states that the extension was "Not eligible". (None of them is.)


        I had previously tried to implement the protocol on my own and to provide an own service source (in Swift, as the rest of the project). But that didn't work. So I went with the Files provided by Apple and included the service source in the bridging header.


        The only thing I am doing differently from Apple's solution is that I return two items in supportedServiceSources(for itemIdentifier: NSFileProviderItemIdentifier), theirs and ours which serves for XPC between the UI app that hosts the extension and the extension itself.


        Did anybody get this to work?