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        I try to use the ARWorldMap sharing feature.

        So i make a MutlipeerConnectivity Connection between 2 devices. One is scanning until is has a .mapped WorldMap which then is being sent to the other device.

        once there and unwrapped, i create a new ARConfiguration and set "configuration.initialWorldMap" to be my received map and run this config by my ARSession.

        Shortly thereafter I get this:


        2018-07-06 15:45:15.453812+0200  [Technique] Error initializing VIO handle (0x116113a00):
        2018-07-06 15:45:15.456922+0200  [Session] Session (0x115d22340): did fail with error: Error Domain=com.apple.arkit.error Code=200 UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=<redacted>, NSLocalizedFailureReason=<redacted>}
        2018-07-06 15:45:15.456995+0200  [Technique] ARWorldTrackingTechnique(0x11a5b2e40) error resetting object detection: ObjectDetectionCallbackNotSet
        SessionFailed: World tracking failed.

        And session(_:didFailWithError:) is called. Any Idea how to fix this?

        I can even reproduce this error in Apples ARMultiuser App (Bugreport: 41892984).



        My Code after i receive and unwrap my WorldData:


                    let configuration = ARWorldTrackingConfiguration()
                    configuration.initialWorldMap = worldData.map     //is of type ARWorldMap
                    sceneView.session.run(configuration, options: [.resetTracking, .removeExistingAnchors])



        Thanks ^^