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        Hi everybody,


        we have a website and a free app for walkers. On the website, we have a free part and what we call a club (it's like premium access) : people pay for a subscription that allow more functionnalities (such as improved walking route planner and less limitations for example). This is entirely digital. So they pay on the website. Currently, only the free part is available on the app.


        We would like to extend this club to our app (we are developping some more improved features on the app) and make it available with only one subscription that can be used both on the website and on the app. So, the questions are :


        • Can it be compliant with the app store review guidelines? How?
        • Can user susbcribe / pay for our club on our website and use the premium access also on the app?
        • If a user want to subscribe to the club via the app, is it mandatory to use IAP?