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        Hi everyone!


        I am new to ARKit and have encountered a problem that I cannot get my head around.


        I previously placed boxes, rings, pyramids from the Scene kit to a fixed position using the following code:


             let node = SCNNode()

             node.geometry = SCNBox(width: 0.1, height: 0.1, length: 0.1, chamferRadius: 0)

             node.position = SCNVector3Make(0.1, 0.1, -0.1)



        This worked fine and a box appeared at a fixed position.



        I then want to insert some text or label using this code:


             let node = SCNNode()

             node.geometry = SCNText(string: "Hello World", extrusionDepth: 0.1)

             node.position = SCNVector3(-50,-5,-50)



        I can see the text in front of me, however it moves with the phone in the vertical and horizontal direction rather than staying at a fixed position in comparison to the origin.


        Is there a step that I missed?



        Any help would be greatly appreciated!



        Many thanks,