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        I have edited the placing objects file that apple have provided. I have changed the logo, replaced one of the scn objects, and changed one of the logos when adding objects.


        This all works great and have had it working on an iPad Pro 9.7”. I have been using it for a week on the iPad and itndidnt Crash once. However, it has started to crash now (I go to open the app and I get a white screen for 2 seconds then it closes back to the ipad home screen). I reinstalled the placing objects app onto the iPad and it worked perfectly with no crashes. However, after a week or so it started to crash again with the same issue.

        Is there a way to debug the project without having it plugged into my Mac As it works fine when reinstalling the app.


        I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Not sure if apple has put a time cap on using the app, if this is even possible?


        I am using the latest version of Xcode and the iPad is up to date.


        Thank you in advance for any help!