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        I have read about changes to Location Services in iOS 11, but it is unclear when exactly the Blue Bar will be displayed to the user based on the type of Location Services being monitored.  Is the following accurate for iOS 11 when the user puts the app in background, assuming the "Always" permission has been granted?

        1. Standard Location Updates: Blue Bar is always displayed whenever the app is in background.

        2. Significant Location Updates: Blue Bar is displayed roughly every 15 minutes when the app wakes up.  I've heard conflicting information about this.

        3. Visits: Blue Bar is never displayed


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          Gualtier Malde Apple Staff Apple Staff (480 points)

          UPDATE: Starting with Beta 5, in iOS 11, the Blue Bar will appear when an Always authorized app opts-in to displaying the blue bar while it is actively receiving Continuous Background Location updates via startUpdatingLocation()


          There’s a new property on CLLocationManager that Always authorized apps can use to control the visibility of their blue bar.

          @property(assign, nonatomic) BOOL showsBackgroundLocationIndicator


          When-in-use authorized apps will continue showing the Blue Bar as before.


          No other service will turn on the Blue Bar. When an app which makes use of any other location service receives an occasional update (for example Significant Location Change), the location arrow on the status bar will momentarily blink solid, but the Blue Bar will not appear.

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              I've already put in my numerous feedback/bug reports on this…but I absolutely hate the blue bar. We use several apps that track driving mileage, or Tile, and so on and the blue bar is essentially a permanent fixture of my iPhone now. Its only useful if I didn't know I had apps using location or just one or two apps. Its quite useless to pretty much my entire family and people I know with Tiles and other apps like it.


              Again, I've filed my feedback on it, but this really needs a way to turn off or only show the first day the app is being used and then you can be asked if its okay (like it used to in iOS 10). Otherwise its a nanny-UI that annoys people using the iPhone.