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        Seeing a iOS 11 only crash on the line when nil out a timer. Did not see this in iOS 10.


        if (timerIsSuspended) {

            dispatch_resume(_myTimer); //balance suspend and resume calls



        _myTimer = nil; //EXC_BREAKPOINT / EXC_ARM_BREAKPOINT in _dispatch_queue_xref_dispose


        Saw an old thread from 2015 where we should actually call resume after cancel. Is this now enforced in iOS 11?



        Or wait to nil the timer in a cancellation handler? This code is in dealloc.

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          I've seen the same thing; what I've figured out to fix it for iOS11 is to add a cancellation handler that strongly holds a reference until the thing is cancelled


          if (timerIsSuspended) {
              dispatch_resume(_myTimer); //balance suspend and resume calls
          __block dispatch_source_t previousTimer = _myTimer;
          dispatch_source_set_cancel_handler(_myTimer, ^{
              previousTimer = nil; // dealloc will happen here after everything is done cancelling
          dispatch_source_cancel(_myTimer); // note: this asyncronously cancels
          _myTimer = nil; // works fine since this doesn't actually dealloc now