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        i have since a few MacOS versions and also with the current beta problems with Handoff, when a second users (with another icloud accounts) logs in on macOS.


        Handoff works great, when only the first user is logged in on macOS. But I have two iPhones with two different iCloud Accounts and one MacPro with two different users and the two iCloud Accounts at home. When the second user logs in. Handoff stops working.


        I cannot see the open apps in the dock on MacOS.

        I can see the open Apps on my iPhone, BUT I cannot open them. Handoff tries to "get" the data and I get the error message, that Handoff cannot be finished.


        Only thing I can do is restart the Mac. Then it starts working until the second user logs in again.

        I tried to log off the relog in icloud on all devices. But it does only work, when only one user is logged in.


        Any advices, what the reason can be. Or does continuity only work when only one user is using a Mac?


        Best regards.