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        I'm using a storyboard for a project I've been working on for sometime. A couple of days ago I added a new label to a view controller, tried to connect it to outlet and wasn't able to (by wasn't able to I mean I right clicked on the label, clicked on New Referencing Outlet, and dragged the connector to the orange view controller icon. Instead of it highlighting and popping up a list of available outlets nothing happened). I tried different interface items with the same result then I deleted a current connection and tried to reconnect it and it failed too (luckily Undo restored it). In addtion I discovered I couldn't connect actions and existing connected actions now have a caution sign that, when moused over, says "<the interface object> is no longer a valid event source". Luckily the app continues to compile and run. Eventually I found if I delete the view controllers corresponding source and add it back everything returns to normal.


        Has anyone else had similar issues and if so is there another fix? I'm using Xcode 8.3.2 on macOS 10.12.2


        Short observation about Xcode. I'm primarily an iOS developer but I do some Android development. When I first started using Android Studio I hated it. It's ugly, cluttered and obviously wasn't designed by someone that understood good interface design - nothing like the sleek, sophisticated interface design of Xcode - but it works. It works really well. It doesn't hang, it doesn't crash, stuff that's worked for years doesn't suddenly break. Things like refactoring and finding usages of variables and objects are light years ahead of Xcode. With WWDC right around the corner we can expect a new version of Xcode with a slew of new features and a slew of new bugs and issues. What I wish they'd do is make the current version stable and functional. Forget new features just fix what's already there.