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        Hello everyone!


        I have an iPhone 7 128gb and I often run iOS betas on it. With the iOS 10.3 beta I have experienced extreme battery drain: the phone didn't last half a day while only occasionally using 3G for messages and listening to music.


        I have this issue since two weeks now, currently having beta 7 of iOS 10.3 and it didn't solve the problem. I just can't believe it's the internal battery damage, because the phone is brand new (2-3 months) and I haven't had this issue before. I have deleted the entire data and set up the iPhone as a new one, but it didn't help either.


        Does anyone else face the same issue? Can the reason for battery drain be beta at all?


        Thanks a lot in advance!



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          I'm having a similar issue on my 6S running the latest 10.3 public beta.  Certain activities (inconsistent so far) will cause it to drop a percentage point every 15-30 seconds, and then usually after 5 or 10% (or the activity stops) it will just stop moving and act like normal again.  It's very odd and I don't remember seeing it before the last public beta last week.  The phone isn't a year old and the battery has been acting fine until the last week or so.  I've reported it, but can't seem to pinpoint what's causing it.  Like last night, for example, I was letting it upload photos to Google Photos on my home wifi.  It went from 90% down to 70% in a matter of minutes.  Once it finished uploading, it stopped dropping. 


          Anyway, just wanted to add my .02 here. 

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                 >Can the reason for battery drain be beta at all?


            Absolutely. Not new. Not uncommon. Happens every beta cycle. Reason why is various features are either removed or turned down during the beta and power management seems to always be on that list. Worry if public release exhibits similar.

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              Installed the lates iOS 10.3 release (no beta!) and experienced massive battery drain on both iPhone 6s and apple Watch series 2.

              Usualle after a complete charge until 6 a.m. I have arround 50-70% at 5 p.m. on my iPone. Today it was at 20% (same usage as always) and the watch typically lasts 2 days (roughly 50% each). It took not a even a whole day to be complete empty.


              Also strange: Battery-menu in iOS shows same values for standby and usage time (both around 12 hours, but definitly just used max. 3 hours at all today. Seems like iPhone and watch continously communicate all the time.

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                I have the iPhone 7 256GB and same problem here. INSANE battery drain and charge time. I have had no problems before this. I am about to do the 10.3.2 beta update and I'm thinking that it can't get any worse

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                  I to have been having battery drain since 10.2.1, 10.3 betas. I'm can't figure out but it's losing like 15-20% in standby over a 4 hr period. Updated to 10.3.2 beta and still and issue. This is happening on iPhone 6s and 7. Also to people I know on 10.2.1 iPhone 7

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                    I have the same problem.

                    IPhone 6 plus

                    Interesting might be that it showed 8% left and instantly when plugging in the charger it jumped to 30%....


                    Any ideas? I can't use the phone with this problem


                    / Pelle

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                      I am on 10.3 non-Beta and phone charge went from 57% to 74% in 30 seconds when placed on charger. It went from 40% to 3% in under 8 hours while I was sleeping. Prior to the update it would probably have lost maybe 10%.

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                        Same here but on 10.3 released version. Battery life has decreased dramatically on my iPhone 6s Plus. Some apps for instance NFS No limits which previously was ok now drain battery 40-50% an hour. Even common apps like Safari now noticably drain battery.

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                            same here, ios 10.3 GA on an iPhone 6s, can watch the battery % fall every 30-60 seconds.  Sitting on the counter doing nothing for 45 mins this morning, started at 100% after 45mins was down to 85%.  Noticing in the batter section of settings that Safari iss reported as consuming 23% in last 24 hours.  Was not using safari much at all, even after closing all apps and hard reboot still shows as consuming most battery.

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                            I'm facing the same issue here, on the public release of iOS 10.3 (now 10.3.1). Massive battery drain on my iPhone 6S, and I already had my battery replaced for free via Apple's replacement program for 6S. My phone's battery depletes while it's idle, and the phone feels warm even though it's just been sitting on my table unused. The battery fell from 80% to 0% overnight and I missed my alarm because of that for a few days now. The battery view in settings seem to not tell me the root of the problem, as the apps that are shown to use up the most of my battery are barely used at all.

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                              While I know this is not a super helpful solution, I believe the issue is apps trying to run in the background even when closed. If you turn the battery to low power mode your phone will lose maybe 5-8% on standby mode in your pocket. If I keep it on full power mode that percentage will be more like 25-30%. It's the only way I'm able to keep my phone alive while I'm at work away from any sort of charging device.

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                                I have never experienced this problem but I hear its a huge problem with the iphone 6s. I have a suggestion for you, make sure you have background app refresh off, make sure you have handoff off if you dont have a mac, make sure you close all your apps when you are not using them. If you already follow these steps, you should call apple because it could be a software problem. I hope I was able to help you out.

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                                    I am noticing a significant amounts of battery drain on my iPhone 7 running the last few 10.3.3 betas.


                                    Without using the phone at all, there is very noticable power consumption throughout the day.  The built in tracker shows that very few apps had any real activity. So it's a good guess this is some kind of system activity.  Often the phone feels warm to the touch.


                                    Plugging the phone into XCode and looking at the console shows a huge amount of continuous activity even when locked.  And I am guessing it's this activity which explains the power usage.


                                    Far as I can tell the main culprits are cloudd and identityservicesd.  Which are constantly talking on the network, either over wifi or on the cellular radios.


                                    I don't have enough knowledge to make sense of the logs, but my best guess is that the system is trying to synchronise the device with iCloud drive, and that is never properly resolving, resulting in a continuous loop of syncing actions.


                                    Might be useful if we can establish if someone else with battery issues is seeing the same thing.

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                                        My iPhone 6s does the same thing. It takes forever for it to charge and if I touch the phone it will make a ding sound,  the screen flashes and it will decrease the battery 1%. This is all while it is plugged in. The phone is only a year old. I end up having to charge it at least twice a day and I'm not making calls just on FB a lot for my volunteer work.

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                                      I have this problem as well on my IPhone 6s