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        To help other admins, I thought it would be a smart idea to post all of our radars in one place. This will allow us to share our discoveries and submit duplicate bugs with our device count.


        Currently, the developer forums flag all posts with URLs. All of my El Capitan Radar's have been uploaded to Open Radar - openradar (dot) appspot (dot) com


        If possible, use the following when adding to this post.



        Apple Radar:

        Open Radar:


        Here are mine:


        Subject: OS X El Capitan System Integrity Protection - Add access to /Library/Desktop Pictures/El Capitan.jpg

        Apple Radar: 21308772

        Open Radar: 5054091155734528


        Subject: OS X El Capitan System Integrity Protection - Ability to bless volumes

        Apple Radar: 21310286

        Open Radar: 4935225620561920


        Subject: Server 4.1.51: Apple Configurator 2 - iOS firmware updates not pulling from El Capitan Caching Server

        Apple Radar: 21486700

        Open Radar: 4838690492776448


        Subject: iOS - 9.0 Beta 1 - iOS 9 OTA Updates Failure on Low Space (and MDM)

        Apple Radar: 21487581

        Open Radar: 6177901560987648


        Subject: Server 4.1.51: Ability to Pre-Cache iOS Updates

        Apple Radar: 21487844

        Open Radar: 5401640446197760


        Subject: Server 4.1.51: Add option to bind to Directory Service (AD) during OS X DEP/MDM Setup Assistant

        Apple Radar: 21488085

        Open Radar: 6527540353040384


        Subject: Server 4.1.51: DEP/MDM HSA (Hidden Service Account) - Set specific User ID

        Apple Radar: 21488097

        Open Radar: 6605743117565952


        Subject: OS X: iCloud Users have ability to reset Active Directory mobile accounts remotely.

        Apple Radar: 21488304

        Open Radar: 5943958819569664


        Subject: Server 4.1.51: Prevent OS X Major Upgrades through MDM or App Store preferences

        Apple Radar: 21488507

        Open Radar: 5973226505109504


        Subject: Server 4.1.51: Caching Server - Daily Caching Alert Information / Better Details

        Apple Radar: 21488983

        Open Radar: 6513917085876224


        Subject: Mac OS X 10.11.0 (15A178w): Restart required before first logging in with AD mobile user account

        Apple Radar: 21489023

        Open Radar: 6740851514408960