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        I have one app on TestFlight (Waze). When I tried to update it via TestFligth, the download changes to the circle, but never starts. Clicking the circle never stops it.

        From that point on, trying to update from the app store does exactly the same.

        I've removed the app and tried again. TestFlight still shows the circle and nothing happens. App store switches from the cloud to the circle, for two seconds, and goes back to the cloud.

        I've restarted the device, reinstalled testflight, logged out and back in from the store, with all combinations possible. No way to reinstall the app.


        Looking at the console there are too many garbage. Searching for testflight or waze shows nothing significant.


        No idea how to solve or even how to provide further feedback on this.


        How's your experience with TestFlight beta apps?