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        Hello there,


        I am currently working at a company who's targetting with Apple for a tvOS app launch and we were given a short deadline for an app submission. But we are struggling with a hard decision to make for our gameplay: should we use the directional pad for everything since the gyroscope doesn't work? Or could we expect it to be functional on the next beta? When would that be?

        Yes originally our gameplay is based on the gyroscope, but as many on this forum pointed out and as written in the GCMotion.h :


        @note Remotes can not determine a stable attitude so the values will be (0,0,0,1) at all times.
        @note Remotes can not determine a stable rotation rate so the values will be (0,0,0) at all times.


        I have seen people asking the same type of questions.


        In the same direction, can we expect the Microphone of the Siri Remote to be available at any point before the release or will just that be for the future? Our gameplay needed that too but we gave up on the Mic already.


        I am grateful in advance for every useful answer.



        (Or is there simply no gyroscope in the Siri Remote and the Apple Store specs are wrong?! I doubt that..)