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        Three things:

        • Add comprehensive logging (using os.log) to your privileged helper.  This will help you debug problems that show up in the field.

        • For initial bring up, structure your privileged helper code so that you can debug it in a non-privileged context.  There’s two parts to this:

          • Add an internal API your code so that you can test your core code using a standard testing harness (like XCTest).

          • Add command-line options to your tool so that you can debug it directly in Xcode.  For example, let’s say your privileged helper tool exists to update a file in a privileged directory.  Add a command-line option to override the location of that file so that, during debugging, you can point it to a location that’s not privileged.

        • Once you’ve done the above, you have a lot less debugging to do because you only have to deal with issues that show up when the code is run in the privileged environment.  To debug those problems:

          1. Modify your launchd property list to set WaitForDebugger.  See launchd.plist man page for details.

          2. Once the tool is paused this way, attach using Debug > Attach to Process by PID or Name, setting Debug Process As to “root”.

          3. You can now set breakpoints and continue execution.

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