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        Hello all,


        I am running the platform http://www.soundjack.eu and OSX has so far been my favourite OS. For some reasons a couple of users report that the app does not show up in the security settings (mic and camera access) so that it is not possible to process audio and video streams this way.


        Question 1: Does any know what to do if an app does not show in the security settings ?


        In order to bypass this issue I released a terminal starter script based on an Apple Script app which contains the following single line:


        do shell script "/Applications/SJC200420.app/Contents/MacOS/soundjack"


        It solved the issue because it runs the app via terminal which per se allows mic access. The interesting issue in that context is that once I sign and notarize the script (just as I do with the app above) it does not work anymore.


        Question 2: Has anyone experienced this kind of issue as well and probably knows why this is the case ?


        Thanks in advance,