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        I'm working on a game that is controlled by swipes. I have the following function to track pan swipes:


        @objc func handlePanFrom(_ recognizer: UIPanGestureRecognizer) {
                if recognizer.state != .cancelled {
                    let translation = recognizer.translation(in: recognizer.view)
                    // TODO: use the x and y coordinates of endPoint and beginPoint to determine which direction the swipe occurred.
                    let xDif = translation.x
                    let yDif = translation.y
                    if abs(xDif) > abs(yDif) {
                        if xDif > 0 {
                            changeDirection(direction: .east)
                            print("change east")
                        } else {
                            changeDirection(direction: .west)
                            print("change west")
                    } else if abs(yDif) > abs(xDif) {
                        if yDif > 0 {
                            changeDirection(direction: .south)
                            print("change south")
                        } else {
                            changeDirection(direction: .north)
                            print("change north")

        This will track the user's swipes and change the direction effectively, but only if the user lets go of the screen after every swipe. I was wondering, is there a way to "reset" the translation positions every time the direciton is changed so the user does not have to release from the screen after swiping? I tried calling recognizer.setTranslation(CGPointZero, inView: self.view) every time the direction is changed, but that didn't work.