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        Hi everyone, I'm really new in both XCode / Swift and ARkit, I'm making an app where I need to get the camera position in the AR Reference Object space (i.e. I'm behind it? On its right? Or left?).

        What I tried to do is:

        1) tried to position and rotate the world origin to match th AR Reference object (so the AR Object space and world space are the same) and then just use the camera position but I can't access the AR Object rotation and I can't move the world space

        2) I noticed that the referenceObject.center is in ARObject Space (i.e. referenceObject.center.z + 1 is in front of the object no matter the wrld orientation) and I tried to use it but with no luck


        What is the best way to determine where am I in the ARObject space? Thank you all for the help.