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        Hi there,


        I am building an app which will have a single subscription plan for users to purchase to access premium content. For this we will be using Apple in-app purchase.



        We are also planning to offer some courses (digital products) from the application. These courses will also have two types of prices -

        1. for users who have not purchased the subscription plan

        2. for users who have purchased the subscription plan and are entitled to have some discount in price.


        The problem is that the prices of these courses will lie anything between $5 to $100 as regular prices and discount prices respectively. If we go the Apple's in-app purchase route, then we will need to create 100s of in-app purchases for the app which is not feasible and efficient for the performance of the app.


        Is there any other alternative solution to this problem? Can you suggest how we can go about this? Can we use any third party payment processor like Stripe and have the payment done through Apple Pay?


        We have really tight schedule and launch date is round the corner. Your quick response with solution will be highly appreciated.

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          Create a consumable IAP called 'credits'.  Allow the user to purchase them in quantity 1-100 each for $0.99. (Or sell them in discount packages.)  Retain the number of credits the user has purchased.  Allow the user to select a course and debit the user's credits by an appropriate amount based on course and subscription status.


          Because these are really 'non-consumable' IAPs you may need to create some method of allowing the user to restore their 'purchases' on other devices.  You could use the user's iCloud key-value file for that.