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        I wrote a C++ command-line tool by using XCode.

        My tool crashes sometimes, with a crash report being generated.

        How can I include Version of my command-line tool in crash report?

        Now the Version is always 0.

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          You may be able to get the version number populated by adding an Info.plist to your command-line tool.  See the Create Info.plist Section in Binary (CREATE_INFOPLIST_SECTION_IN_BINARY) build setting.

          This above is a good idea in general, but it’s not how I’d solve this particular problem.  Rather, you should keep a table that maps between your version numbers and the main executable’s Mach-O UUID.  That UUID is included in the crash report, so you can just look up the version from there.

          This has a couple of benefits:

          • The UUID identifies a specific build, whereas the version number tends to get tangled up with marketing concerns.

          • The UUID also ties the executable to its .dSYM file.

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