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        I was creating a sticker pack and after inserting the images, I ran a simulation. It was working until I hit the back arrow to respond to my self and I got this error message:


          0x7fff523b6250 <+0>: movq %rcx, %r10
          0x7fff523b6253 <+3>: movl $0x100001f, %eax ; imm = 0x100001F 
          0x7fff523b6258 <+8>: syscall 
        -> 0x7fff523b625a <+10>: retq (Thread 1: signal SIGKILL)
          0x7fff523b625b <+11>: nop 


        That fifth line keeps being the problem. Whenever I try going back into one of the conversations, the stickers no longer seem to work. I click or drag them and nothing happens. I am running Xcode v11.3. Thanks