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        I have searched through internet, but there are no discussions about exactly this problem.


        Customers of application which I support complain about problem: when I take incoming call, there is no sound for about 1 - 1.5 sec in iPhone 5s (new iPhones take less time) and Loudspeaker button is active during this time.


        I checked with WhatsApp - they have this problem too. It looks like some iOS bug / specific behavior.


        Did anyone find a workaround to fix it? Or information from Apple that it is specific behavior?


        I've tried to configure [AVAudioSession sharedInstance] in 'provider:performAnswerCallAction:' method, in 'provider:didActivateAudioSession:'

        method, in completion block of 'reportNewIncomingCallWithUUID:update:completion:' or before it. No success.