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        Codesigning app with hardened runtime (no exceptions), packing it into a dmg (unsigned) and notarizing/stapling the dmg. Xcode 11.2, macOS 10.15.2.

        All steps of codesigning and notarization/stapling are successful, without any warnings or issues.

        Upload of dmg to website, download through browser and installing the app from dmg.

        Still after this, spctl says:

        my.app/: accepted

        source=Notarized Developer ID

        origin=Developer ID Application: Qlucore AB (3HJ98U983V)


        But when I try to start the same app, I get a dialog saying:

        <app> cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.


        Any suggestions on how to move the investigation forward would be much appreciated.

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          Successfully notarized app rejected by gatekeeper

          Notarising your app is necessary to pass Gatekeeper, but it’s not sufficient.  Gatekeeper has its own array of checks, and it’s easy to trip over one of those checks even though your notarisation is copacetic.

          Unfortunately it’s not always easy to work out what Gatekeeper is grumpy about.  I’ve posted some hints on this thread.

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