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        Hi all,


        I have created a bundle ID using uppercase. I would like to remove this so I can create a new one in all lowercase but it is saying the app is in use on the app store when I try to remove it.


        I have removed it and it is showing in my 'removed apps' section but I am still getting the same error.


        Any ideas on how to resolve this / amend this bundle ID?





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          Doesn't make sense it would say 'the app is in use'.  More likely the bundleID and/or the name.


          What does 'removed' mean? Taken off sale, deleted, transferred...?


          You can't 'modify' a bundleID string simply by changing case. You're stuck with that one now. The only change you can do is to create a new unique bundleID/string, but that amounts to yet another app as far as the store and users are concerned, so...