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        Do we have a file merging library or a system extension for merging chunks of small files into a larger one in iOS?


        My problem statement is as follows:

        Suppose there is a large file on the server's end, which is divided into a series of chunks (1 to n), like dividing a zip into 'n' parts or chunks.
        And at the client/iOS's end, I need to have a file merging library, which will match the hash of all the chunks, verify its integrity and merge them back together to form a complete file.


        Do we have the readymade library or do I need to write it from scratch?

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          There’s nothing like that built in to iOS.

          There may be a third-party library for this; it’s not something that I’ve researched.

          Doing this requires agreement between the client and the server, that is, the code that generates the segments (and their checksums) on the server would have to follow the same rules as the code that checks and reassembles the segments on the client.  Do you already have a server implementation?  Was it written to some standard?

          If so, you may be able to use the name of that standard to search for a third-party library you can use on iOS.

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