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        I wrote my Watch App 2 years ago and it has changed little since then and has been working fine.

        With iOS13 & WatchOS 6 I've just discovered some of the functionality is broken.

        I've spent a couple of days checking both the iOS side as well as the Watch side and the issue appears to be on the Watch.

        The watch's session:didReceiveFile: delegate function is never called and a file required on the watch is never received.

        The WCSession Delegate is working as all other delegate functions are being called.

        On the iPhone session:didFinishFileTransfer:error: is called. error is null.

        If I check session outstandingFileTransfers I can see the file being sent from the Phone to the Watch in there.

        In fact they seem to pile up in there with each reload of the app on the phone similator.

        I've tried clearing them out in session:didFinishFileTransfer:error:  enumerating through the outstandingFileTransfers array and using the cancel call on each one.

        Files are typically 1Mb->1.5Mb in size.

        I know iOS13 has been buggy as have the simulators, is anyone aware of an issue around this?

        Thanks, its driving me nuts!