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        I'm no longer able to test my native watchOS app (SwiftUI 5) on my watch.

        I used to be able to install and test it in the past, but since 2 weeks it's no longer possible.

        The issue first appeared in Xcode 11.2 which was not giving me a proper error, sometimes it juist said 'running app on the device...', while nothing was actually happening.

        Now I have installed Xcode 11.2.1 and I was hoping the problem was solved, but it remained. But things have changed a bit since the new version of Xcode. After hitting Run, I'm getting an error message after +/- 3 minutes of waiting:




        Unable to install "InsightWatch WatchKit App"

        Domain: com.apple.dtdevicekit

        Code: -402653172


        App installation failed

        Domain: com.apple.dtdevicekit

        Code: -402653172

        Failure Reason: The operation timed out.



        I've been searching for more info on this error, but couldn't find anything. The code is compiling correctly, build succeeds everytime. Running on the simulator is working perfect, so only running on the real watch isn't working.


        I have already removed my developer-account and re-add it in Xcode, I have unpaired and re-paired my devices in Xcode, restarted all devices and performed hard reset on them, ..., but nothing seems to be solving this issues.

        The only thing I can think of is that my watch doesn't trust the mac I'm using? After re-pairing my iPhone (and watch) with Xcode, I only got the trust-confirmation-message on my iPhone and not on my watch, and I believe the first time I did this (some weeks ago), I got the message on both devices, but in the meanwhile a new version of iOS (13.2.2), watchOS (6.1) and Xcode (11.2.1) has been released (and installed), so I don't know if this is still the normal way of trusting devices, or maybe this process has been simplified and only trusting by the iPhone is needed.

        Is there a way of triggering the trust-confirmation screen on the watch? Or if this is the case, should I get an other error message in the first place, as this is something that can easily be checked and reported by Xcode?


        Thank you in advance.