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        Hi guys,


        in the past I had the issue that images in the StoryBoard-created launch screen (splash screen) did not appear. Now it's getting worse:

        1. No matter what I put in the LaunchScreen.storyboard (images, labels) the splash screen of my app remains black on my iPhone
        2. On the simulator the splash screen appears fine!
        3. I created a new app, only generating a splash screen, and it worked fine on my iPhone and on the Simulator
        4. I copied the LaunchScreen.storyboard of this new app and put it in the problematic app and the problem persists.

        I rebooted the iPhone, rebooted the Mac, nothing helps. The launchscreen is 100% black on startup. This is driving me crazy. Any suggestions?

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          Not sure what your actual issue is, but when images work in the sim and not on a device, the traditional issue surrounds naming. Sim (your mac) is not case sensitive; iOS on a device is. MyImage.png is not the same as myImage.png on your device.


          4. Be sure to (a) hit the project via the Product menu>clean build folder before building/testing on your device again and (b) delete all existing versions of that app before building/testing again as well.