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        I have the 44mm series 5 apple watch. Beta 1 and 2 seemed to fix the battery drain issue for me when using the always on screen.


        However since the last few beta's it seems to be back draining the battery in under 12 hours.


        Anyone else seeing similar issues the last couple of betas?

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          The new Watch OS 6.1.1 beta kills my watch battery in 4 hours. 3pm-100%, 4pm-92%, 5pm-88%, 6pm 83%, 6:50 pm - Red lightning bolt. That was after unpairing, pairing and setting up as a new watch - on 6.1.1 beta.

          UPDATE: 24 hours later, it was great battery life again. iMore had an article advising us to be patient after a new update to our watches. Apparently it was doing a lot of setup activity in the background. I will cancel the Radar.