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        I'm wanting to perform an rsync style backup (where only the diff is pushed to a remote machine) of my working directories. I've read that rsync isn't able to handle all of the advances APFS has made with regard to the various file system properties one would want to retain in a backup. Encryption keys etc.


        Is it possible to do this just using Apple tools, and if not, is there an open source tool out there that could help? All I'm really doing is copying an hourly diff to iCloud. As a Developer, I don't really feel I should have to resort to using something like Carbon Copy Cloner for this.


        BTW I'm already Time Machining to two seperate devices, so I'm wanting an off-site copy of select directories of my laptop. I'm also not sure if working directly off of the iCloud container is a good idea when using Xcode and doing Zsh/Vim work.