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        I have a GameView that has "@State var locationManager: LocationManager" which is passed to my MapView as a binding. The MapView conforms to UIViewRepresentable protocol. LocationManager conforms, among other things, to ObservableObject and has the following conformance-related code:


        var didChange = PassthroughSubject<locationmanager, never="">()
            var lastKnownLocation: CLLocation {
                didSet {
                    // Propagate the update to the observers.
                    print("Finished propagating lastKnownLocation to the observers.")



        I suppose that GameView and consequently MapView must be updated every time LocationManager.lastKnownLocation changes. In practice I only see MapView.updateUIView() called when I exit the app per home button. At this point control gets in updateUIView() and when I open the app again (not compile-install-run), I get the update. This also happens once short after the GameView() was presented.


        Is my understanding of how SwiftUI works wrong or is it some bug? How do I get it right?