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        Hello everyone. I want to know if there is a way to test an app with more than 25 people without having to go through App Review? I know I can use internal users but the limit is 25 people. It appears that if I need more users my app has to pass the App Review. Is this my only option?

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          In order, no, yes.


          Quoting and thereby confirming the docs...



          After invitation, up to 25 internal testers (with up to 10 devices each) and 10,000 external beta testers can download and test the application build. Up to 100 apps can be tested at a time, internally or externally.


          Invite up to 10,000 external testers using their email address or by enabling and sharing a public link, which creates an open invitation for anyone to test your app. Simply create a group of testers and add the builds you'd like them to test.



          TestFlight Beta Testing - TestFlight - Apple Developer

          https://developer.apple.com › testflight



          Otherwise, Apple does not provide alternate testing schemes.