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        I have a SpriteKit game with resources (e.g. levels, weapons, skins..) in xcassets folder. Resources are locked, and can be unlocked with IAP or in-game currency.



        Problem is a way of storing and unlocking them. There are few ways:


        1. Store them all at once - User will have to download whole game, which is something that should be avoided if possible.


        2. On Demand Resources - which seemed like a great option, but downloads are not permanent. I don’t know how, and if it’s possible, to copy that assets into custom xcassets folder.


        3. IAP - which is ok, but since there is in-game currency, it should be also unlockable without purhasing. Also, MerchantKit framework doesn’t have download supported ( it seems like a good option to use it to save some time ).


        4. Custom server - more time/money, not an option





        Any ideas?